Start by just getting comfortable on your skateboard while it’s moving.
After, you’ll want to get comfortable putting your foot down so you can stop if you need to.
It’s all about finding you balance and using your power foot.
Some people have two!

After getting really comfortable on your skateboard, you can start to build you own speed and momentum.
This is done by shift the skateboard left and right and building that momentum up to speed.
You can even tic tac up hills.

This is more of an intermediate trick. It start by simultaniously poping your board, and sliding your leading foot up horizontally up. Then catching the board in mid air right underneath your feet. Don’t worry if you can get it done right immediately. It takes time.

Dropping In:
Got a ramp available? Luck you! You’ll be able to practice dropping in.
It’s really all about going all in and having commitment.
Don’t lean back or you’ll likely shoot the board forward and eat shit.