How To Not Get Arrested While Skateboarding

1. Be aware of any of your town’s ordinance and signs in your communities which regulate skateboarding or inline skates.

2. Look for the ‘No Skateboarding’ signs. If you see one, go elsewhere.
If you can’t find one, ask around and see what locals have to say.

3. If the cops come by, be polite and just tell them you weren’t aware.

4. If the property owner, business owners, employees, or cops ask you to get off your board or leave, just do so with out question. Do make a big fuss about it.

5. Under no circumstances, never argue with the police or authority figures. Unless you believe you’re within legal rights to do so, and are on public property to skate, feel free to take legal action against them. Hire a lawyer and/or file a police complaint via internal affairs. The lawyers can do the arguing for you.

6. All else, BE A DAMN REBEL AND MAKE THE SHIT WORK! Because the law sucks at times and skateboarding isn’t a crime. Just respect the property and bail if cops or authorities role through.

Number 6 is thy number 1 on how to not get arrested while skateboarding.