Best Decks for Skateboarding

What makes a good skateboard? Is it the wheels? The deck? Or maybe the trucks? Depending on whom you ask, majority of people would still consider the deck as the crowning glory of the skateboard. Skateboards come in different shapes and sizes, and choosing the best deck for your skateboard can sometimes be mentally exhausting. In the market today, there are now a wide variety of decks being sold worldwide, some of which are cheaply made while other decks are built with quality materials. The very reason for this is due to the fact that there is diversity around skateboard decks for the skater to choose from. The skateboard deck you choose affects the way you skate and how the deck feels under your feet, not to mention the durability of your skateboard.

To help first time skaters, we’ve collected the top skateboard decks on the market, taking into account their features, prices, and construction and we’ve created the best guide to help you. In this list, we’ll let you take a peek into what are the best skateboard decks available now in the market.

  1. Alien Workshop – First on the list is the Alien Workshop. The company produces high quality skate decks with artistic and unique designs. One of their notable works is the traditional 7-ply skateboard. This board costs less because it features less ink and untreated veneers. Alien Workshop has produced some ridged looking decks like their Ultralight and decks that are really modern. The kind of skate decks this company produces is highly rated by the skating community.
  2. Zero Skateboards – With plenty of blood and skulls, Zero Skateboards company has always liked producing strong gritty images for their skateboard decks. Skaters who are searching for punk and Gothic designs always find themselves buying their decks at Zero, and well you can’t blame them because decks are well made and have been on the market for a long time. Skaters like  Chris Cole and Jamie Thomas are only some of the many featured skaters using this brand.
  3. Plan B – Next on the list is Plan B. This skateboard deck company is relatively new compared to other producers of skate decks. Plan B produces grade 7 ply skate decks with really high quality materials The decks are well made and reliable. As to its graphics, the company tends to make simple yet elegant designs for their decks. Making quality decks instead of focusing on the design is their main goal.
  4. Habitat – And Finally Habitat. If you’re into calm and earthy designs, then habitat’s skateboard decks are just for you. The company might not be that famous compared to others, but their decks are still more appealing because of their graphics and artistic designs. Habitat produces the usual 7 ply skateboard which features the Skylite lighter skate deck and Terralone Earth-tone decks. Habitat likes to stay simple with their designs which focus on earthly and calm themes.

Nothing beats skating on a high-quality board with a beautiful and unique design. These are only some of the hundreds of skateboarding decks available online, and if you want to check out more visit Best Skate Gear for more skateboarding gears.